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Our Ultimate Trade Show Checklist for Planning Your Next Exhibition

Planning a trade show can be very overwhelming - from booking flights, hotels & accommodation, to calculating site labour + shipping costs & much more. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be addressed prior to the show. Our job is to help make your participation at trade shows simpler, less stressful & overall more successful, so we've decided to share the exact checklist that we use when managing shows for our clients.

Completing this checklist when planning your next trade show will ensure there are no last-minute surprises the night before.

Things to confirm when booking:


· Person

· Airline & Terminal

· Departure Flight # (Depart Time & Arrival)

· Return Flight # (Depart Time & Arrival)

· Seat Selection

· Paid Baggage

· Boarding Pass


· Name & Location

· In & Out Dates

· Confirmation #

Car Rental

· Driver & Enterprise Account Number

· Rental Location & Phone Number

· Type of Vehicle, Full-size, Car or Midsize SUV

· Pick-up & Return Dates + Times

Site Labour

· Company Complete with Confirmation in Writing

· Office Contact & Cell #

· Date & Hours Required for Setup

· Date & Hours Required for Teardown

· Number of Workers Required for Setup & Teardown

· Labour Person Name & Cell #

· Meeting Place on Site

· Method of Payment & Confirmation of Details in Writing


· Carrier Contact & Cell + Office Contact & Cell

· Pick-up & Delivery Location + Time (Outgoing)

· Pick-up & Delivery Location + Time (Return)

· Trucker Name & Cell #

· Shipping & Return Labels for Each Client Complete with Booth Numbers

· Bill of Lading

Client Information

· Work Order #

· Contact(s) & Cell #(s)

· Booth #, Size & Location

· Booth Floor Plan Complete with Power & Internet Placement

· Client Hardware

· Rentals:

Carpet & U/L, Furniture, Audio Visual Equipment, Display Components

· Additional Services Provided

Site Services

· Show Floor Plan & Booth Location Marked

· Power Requirements - Supplied & Ordered

· Internet Type (Hardwire or Wireless) Supplied & Ordered

· Daily Janitorial

Show Manager

· Name & Phone Numbers

Additional Details Required:

· Insurance Documents

· Third Party Authorization Forms (VISA)

· Per Diem Cheques for Employees (Food)

· Move in & Move out Times & Dates

We hope this checklist helps facilitate less stress at your next trade show!

If you would like to review the option of becoming one of our Full Service Clients, feel free to contact us & we will welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.

We love to hear your feedback. If we missed anything that you think is important when planning a trade show, let us know in the comments!

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